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The world of parenting resources can be overwhelming! There are so many books, websites, articles, and apps out there—how’s a busy parent supposed to find what they need?

We’ve scoured the bookshelves, internet, and App store to narrow down some of our favorite resources. Come back and visit if you don’t see what you’re looking for; we update the site frequently with resource lists on various topics.

Behavior & Discipline

These are my favorite resources to help manage challenging behaviors and to discipline children in a positive, relationship-building way. 


Self-Care for Moms

Moms are the oxygen tank of the family! These resources will help mom feel renewed and energized to be her best self.


Parenting Styles

How one chooses to raise a child is a highly individual and personal choice. Here’s a list of resources to explore!


Your Child’s Educational Success

Parents are the most important advocates for their child’s educational success. Through my 15 years of working in schools, I’ve compiled my favorite resources to support parents in helping their children be successful.



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